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Why Magento? Magento is an excellent platform that is used by companies such as Nike, Paul Smith, Nicole Miller and other Fortune 500 companies. What sets Magento apart from other platforms is that unlike some platforms such as WordPress, which need to be adapted to handle e-commerce the Magento platform was specifically designed for e-commerce, and the result is a powerful, feature-rich, and flexible and completely scalable solution for your online business that will allow your website to grow as you do. We choose to work with the best platform, Magento.

Web Future Studio & Solutions

why work with us on your magento solution?

We integrate a package of exclusive features both in the backend and frontend to optimise marketing and analytical techniques and improve administration options, all that to incase the shopping experience of the customers.We always keep in mind best practices for SEO during the development process, this will include search engine friendly URL’s, a Meta Tag tool, and SEO page editing for each website information and product page. All websites that we develop will be integrated with Google Analytics for detailed analysis, 3rd party shipping software (if applicable), email marketing software such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, and a Payment Gateway for secure credit card transactions.

our experience


The demand for speed is one of those things we’re sure won’t change: in 10 years, nobody will say “I wish websites would load slower”.

Extensions: Magento eCommerce ecosystem is the most beautiful thing about using this platform. The extensions available allow us to customize every aspect ofthe online store.

Web Future Solutions develops E-Commerce websites using the most suited extentions, which provides custom solutions for a variety of business needs. We’veimplemented a variety of extensions, such as:

- Layered Navigation Pro
- AjaxCart
- OneStepCheckout
- Authorize.Net CIM Payment Module
- Customized Email Templates
- Reward Points
- QuickView
- GiftCards
- Daily Deals

CRM/ERP/Helpdesk: eCommerce business is also about inventory, invoicing and customer service, so ERP, CRM and Helpdesk integrations are a must. Every project has an unique mix of requirements which are met using either basicMagento features or custom development modules. Web Future Solutions team is up for both challenges!


Payment: Web Future team integrated payment methods which allows our clients to accept payments using different payment processors. The customers can also pay through check, money order, credit card. purchase order and many more

Magento platform is complex, containing modules, extensions, themes, widgets add-ons which requires a perfect integration and optimization. This aspects are mandatory in order to have the best loading times for the website.

Web Future Solutions team:
- optimise the customisations and extensions installed
- makes the necessary configurations and customisations to speed up Magento’s core
- tune up the server
- optimise the caching using Varnish, Redis
- speed up the search with Solr or Sphinx
- optimise the frontend for optimal frontend performance

custom development

Although Magento comes with a lot of out of the box, custom functions and a lot more are offered by the existing extensions, many times there’s a need for a completely unique new function. Here are some examples of impressive customizations we did:

Related products - Wellspringgift

For every online store is very important to highlight the products which the customers might be interested in. When there is more than one condition for displaying the related products, the task becomes difficult. Our team built a complex algorithm to solve this aspect, so the customers can enjoy the related products.

Different listing pages - Golden Rabbit

This project challenge was to display a complex products category tree in the specific pages. Our team had to combine an appealing design with usability and functionality. Now the customers enjoy Golden Rabbit’s high quality images and also they can easily navigate and find the desired product.

Customized products import - Jax and Bones

When you deal with a large number of product types and products attributes, the database import becomes a challenge. First of all the products database file should be structured and prepared in order to meet the Magento system requirements. The second and the most important is to build the structure which will “support” all the products.

Grouped Configurable Products

Magento platform product’s types are: simple products, grouped products, and configurable products, but Web Future team encountered a unique scenario: we needed to group together a collection of configurable products. Even further, the requirement was to make this new feature compatible with layered navigation modules and a series of extensions involved in the Magento instance.

We’re eager to hear about your challenges on Magento. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need our help on.