What is Visual Identity?

Visual identity is an effective mean of communication with the client and allows easier identification of your company in relation to competitors. The picture of the company, built professionally, will help you to be remarked anywhere, anytime.

It is a full service design package with the aim of making you more known:

  • Your logo design
  • card design
  • sheets with header design
  • custom envelopes
  • slogan
  • Company website
  • multimedia presentation CD

All the components must be harmonized for the image of the company to be in a positive light, the sent message must be correct so that the customer or the potential client can understand that your company inspires confidence, style and personality.

An original logo, with an original style and design along with a symbol representing the identity of the company makes the most impact.

Putting together the defining elements of a brand creates a visual identity that gives reputation to the company.

These elements should be reflected in the symbols, fonts, colors and design styles used. Our specialists are able to create the most original logos that will bring life to your company image.

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