Online marketing has its roots in traditional marketing, but it differentiates in a very obvious manner due to its unique features: INTERACTIVITY. On the Internet, communication takes place in two directions and not just in one as in traditional marketing. Meanwhile, retailers and customers may conclude transactions in their homes or offices at any time of the day or night.

Online marketing offers the advantage of presenting interactive promotional materials that can meet the expectations of each type of buyer. Instead of creating a single message, as it happens in the promotion of mass marketing, the online marketing allows the creation of interactive booklets that allow potential clients to choose the information they want to see and when they want to see. On the Internet, companies can create individualized sales presentations, which are able to meet the needs of each buyer. Online Marketing allows companies to target their customers in a way that the traditional marketing cannot. Individualized messages, selling one-on-one and an advertising message placed inside a large amount of useful information make the rules. Online advertising is closer to selling personally than anything else.

Build relationships one by one

Business relationships must be built one at a time and not more at the same time. You have to personally get involved in the online marketing, spending time to initiate and maintain business relations. You can create close relationships with your customers using personalized emails, welcome messages on the personalized web pages or keeping information on areas of interest and previous shopped items of customers.

Appreciate the value of long-term customers

We are living in the time of individual markets, when each client is seen as a person with its own unique needs, lifestyle preferences and buying patterns. One of the main objectives in developing your marketing on the Internet should be developing a comprehensive database that contains detailed information about current and potential customers. This database will allow you to develop products and services that meet the expectations of each individual.

The promoting process must be interactive

The potential customer that browses the Internet is better trained and has higher incomes than the average. He also has little tolerance for intrusive promotion done by advertising messages that appear suddenly on the screen. That is why the Internet marketing must use a new strategy. Customers demand more information from companies that must respond promptly to questions through email. In this way, the customer feels that his searches are over and that he has finally built a relationship with the firm, placing a purchasing order afterwards. This strategy works because the client who requested additional information has received them after he asked them from the company. So, it should be remembered that the information is a prize and that it must be requested by the client.

Provides useful information, not trying to persuade.

The Internet marketing has very high chances to succeed if it offers free valuable information, because customers who browse the Internet are looking for information and let them convinced by real facts and logic. They are not people who can be convinced by classical techniques based on irrational and emotional messages. The companies that until now were forced to condense their advertising messages can enjoy a space relatively unlimited, the Internet allowing them to place a large amount of multimedia information, text, images, graphics and sounds. The online marketing also provides the advantage that you can measure the accesses on each page, thus finding out what your customers are really interested in.

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