A very important thing when you decide to have your own website is to be found by search engines. Who wouldn’t like his site to be first in a search list on the internet? Each visitor can be very valuable because he presents an essential feature, the target area it is maximum. This translates into a maximum percentage of sales compared to the number of visitors.

How do we optimize for search engines?

In the process of optimization we include the following operations:

  • Analyzing your site and target (to who it addresses)
    • A discussion with the client to understand to whom the site must address.
    • An analyse of the condition of the site.
  • Analyzing the opportunities for improvement:
    • the architecture of the site
    • detection of problems / bad links
    • the navigation map
    • HTML code validation
  • The study of the keywords for SEO
    • Consists in finding the word for which the site will be optimized.
  • Adapting the text to web (Web Copywriting)
    • The text is being optimized to meet the specific requirements of the web.
  • The Effective Optimization of the pages
    • Setting the title for each page and the META-tags.
    • Using the heading (1 to 4) to show the structure of the pages
    • Creating pages for specific error.
    • Elaborating other ways to make the keywords more obvious for search engines.
  • Registering manually in Romanian and international directories depending on the specific of the site and detecting sites for Link Exchange
  • We present to you a Final Report with the results of the optimization activity:
    • the keywords that get a top 10 position exposure
    • the increased traffic of visitors coming from engines / directories

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